Pineapple Species You Should Know

Pineapple species you should know, are relatively important for us.

The beautiful thing about pineapple is that it has a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes, and they are available throughout the year.

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They get to develop from the crowns that the fruits form or from the suckers that mature plants produce around the base of the plant.

One pineapple-colored fruit stem protrudes from the center of the plant.

Although there are roughly ten species of pineapple, we will just describe the four main ones in this article:

Spanish Red Pineapple

They have an orange-red color, with a fruit light yellow flavor, they are less delicate than other types, and they are high in fiber.

Queen Pineapple

This type of pineapple is dark yellow, it has a small core and smell good, but they cannot be kept for a longer period of time.

This means they are better eaten while it’s fresh.

Smooth Cayenne

These are probably the ones you always discover in a typical supermarket.


These types of pineapples can cure a lot of sicknesses because they are exceptionally sweet and disease-resistant.

They’re wonderful but too delicate for commercial purposes.

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